Oh, hey you.

I'm Meredith, but you can call me Mere if you like.  All my closest friends do.  I like to make stuff.  And design stuff.  And photograph stuff.  And look at cool stuff.  And plan stuff.  Hmm, that’s a lot of stuff.

I started this blog in the summer of 2014 when life was looking pretty bleak.  As a new mom of my first little girl, I had spent my entire adult life following all the rules and the present was no different.  Go to college.  Get a degree.  Work [teach].  Work again [corporate].  Have a baby.  Stay at home.  Feel fulfilled and amazing and awesome every day. 


Totally sweet if this is your plan and you love it.  Totes for real.  But me?  This road was not for me.  

Where was the color and excitement?  Where was the challenge and the curiosity that leads to learning?  Where was the art of creating something new and beautiful and cool?  In fact, where the hell did my creativity go???

Bing!  Good ‘ole proverbial lightbulb.

Screw convention.  Damn the man.  It was time to forge my own path, fulfill my own dreams and explore my own creativity.  ‘Cause y’all -  what is the point of living if you never break the rules?

Welcome to Everyday Enthusiastic.  

This is the place where convention goes out the window along with boring, dull and the usual.  This is the place where you are reminded that your creative work is valid.  Even if you make it for a profit.  Even if you don't.  

This is the place where you are reminded that creativity saves.  For reals, yo.  It did me.  

let's get personal, y'all. 

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