Creative Enlightenment is the philosophy that tapping into your own creativity will help you achieve a higher existence.  It's the idea that creating something has a valid benefit to you, even if you can’t see it.

As creative contemporary women, we have a habit of belittling our achievements, our creations and ourselves.  

You think, “Oh, i just design quirky coffee mugs.  It pays the bills and its fun, but not so great or important”

Ummm, no lady. 

You bring joy, humor and maybe even an out-loud chuckle to someone when they need it most - right before their day begins and the to-do list is spiraling through their head out of control.

Or maybe you think, “I like to paint, but theres no real purpose in it.  Its just something I do.  Im not an artist”.

Hold up, sister. 

Just because you don’t get commissioned to paint an installation at the MoMa, doesn’t mean you aren’t an artist.  If you enjoy painting, you're an artist.  If you enjoy writing, you're a writer.  If you enjoy decorating your house, you're a designer.  

And let's just be clear for a minute.  I get it. 

I have the same rude voice in my head too.  “You’re wasting money on this.  You’re not good enough.  You’ll never be a real [whatever it is I’m doing that day]”  I know these fraudy feelings well, so you’ll see no judgement from this gal.  But you know what?

I think it's time we change how we think about our creative works.  
The revolution starts now.  

Our creative works are valid.  They bring us joy, challenge us, fill us with pride.  When we create we feel more confidant and expressive.  Life feels more complete.

When I was young, I lived, and I imagine you did the same.  I painted, I wrote, I danced, I ran, I jumped, I played.  I redesigned the furniture layout in my Barbie mansion over and over and over again.  I did not ask “why?”  I simply answered the call of childhood.  

I am not a weirdo who wants you to play with toys or an advocate of living like a child, blissful and unawares.  Being an adult is pretty effing awesome, amiright?  We have the ability to drive.  We have to ability to see and experience the darkness in life which in turn gives us gratitude for the beauty.  We have champagne. 

Y’all - we have fucking CHAMPAGNE.  I mean, come on. 

So leave the bliss for the kids, pour a big glass of bubbly, and create something.  Anything.  Because creativity is valid.  And so are you.

Your work is valid. 

Even if you make it for a profit. 

Even if you don’t. 

Join the movement #CreativeEnlightenment