Autumn-Inspired Art Print


The rustling of leaves.  

That is what I am hearing right now and it sounds AWE-SOME.  

Windows are open and the fall breeze is blowing in from over the bay.  No Songza app needed for today's work! 

For several years, I have been super into the graphic art print craze that has taken over the world and with autumn upon us, I was inspired to make a sophisticated graphic print that represents the way I feel during this time of year.  

This seasonal art print is great because:

A) you can leave it up all year if you so choose and because 

B) it is a relatively easy process to replicate for other graphic prints.  

Plus, it was just damn fun searching for the perfect piece of leaf-covered ground to photograph.  Autumn's version of stop and smell the roses.  I actually took the photo using my iPhone while playing with Vivi at the park.  It was a great win-win for us both!


But here is the really fun part - how do you interpret the phrase?  "Falling for You".  

Could be obvious - could be a new boyfriend, girlfriend or crush.  

Could be an ongoing fall - such as for a child as you watch them grow, learn and progress or a long-term spouse whom is much like that favorite spot on the couch that is indented perfectly to cradle your body and allow you that sigh of security and relief from your feet.  

Maybe you're falling for yourself?  Learning to appreciate yourself more, appreciate your growth as a person.  

Falling for autumn?  Plunging right in to the spirit of the season; the hot coffee mugs, cozy throws, sweet pumpkin goodies.  


For the photograph, I simply wiped the outward-facing camera lens of my iPhone [this is the easiest step to getting a clear photo], and found a spot of leaves I loved.  

You'll want your spot to be in indirect light.  Not too dark, not in sunlight and not in spotty half shade, half sunlight.  

Aim down and shoot!  Take a ton of photos from different angles and places.  You never know which will end up as your shot.  

I edited my photo through the VSCOcam app using preset black and white B1, set at about three quarters to full.  A little crop, a little rotation, a little more contrast and BAM! [Emeril-style].


For the phrase, I purchased the gold silhouette cameo printing foil.  This stuff is hard to find!  Ok well, not really because you can just go the the silhouette cameo site, but I'm cheap and wanted a better price.  

I placed an order through one store only to find the foil to be on backorder and then realized a lot of places had it on backorder.  Luckily, overstock saved the day.  

I used my silhouette cameo to design a few different sizes of the phrase, hit cut and then BAM! [maybe this is just the sound i make in my head when i check things off my list...?].  I chose the placing of the letters based on the leaves in the background and the overall type layout.   

I love the way the gold flashes in the light.  I had to break general photography rules and shoot a photo in the evening when my fave west elm lamp made it glint just so [and while I was searching west elm for the link...helloooo, my rosy copper-colored lover].  I digress...

A few tips for the overall process...

Owning a silhouette cameo or other electronic cutting machine is not necessary for this project.  You can stencil and exacto-knife cut, trace and cut, or even buy gold foil letter stickers.  

You don't need a ruler, but I would at least suggest using a straight edge of some sort.  I used a notepad 'cause I'm fancy.

If you do use a silhouette cameo, I would "weld" the letters together.  The font I used is called another shabby font and welded great after the first letter.  Welding combines any letters in contact with each other at their overlap and made it so much easier to to keep the words straight [i.e. not laying down every. single. letter. on. its. own.].

This stuff's removable!  I don't know if the foil is actually advertised as that, but on a Walgreens-printed 8 x 10 photo on glossy photo paper, it seriously is.  I should of had a video going of how many times I laid down the words, hated it, ripped it up and then repeated...until my fingers bled [ok fine, not really].  Point is, you can play around with it.  Now go make something you crazy little maker, you!   

How do you interpret "falling for you"?  Who is the you in your world?  Share with me in the comments below! 

Happy autumn crafting, my friends!!

All ideas in this post are of my own opinions including mention of companies and/or affiliate sites.  No sponsorships were involved in the creation of this post.  Photographs taken by Meredith Wheeler using a DSLR Canon Rebel T3 and edited using iPhoto unless otherwise noted in the tutorial.