Bachelorette Party in Austin!

Hooray, a break for mama is here!  

Starting tonight, I will officially be in party mode sans baby.  Sans husband [love you, D].  Sans house responsibilities.

As Vivi would say,


[fists in the air, jumping up and down - that's me right now].

Austin, Texas here I come, to celebrate one of my dearest friend's upcoming big day.  Aren't bachelorette parties the best??  I am excited in particular for this event because, while we'll be doing our fair share of painting the town red, we're doing lots of other great touristy things too.  Being from Texas and having family in Austin whom I visited regularly means I never considered the city a destination, so I am thrilled to have a peek through new eyes.  

And what better way to start the party off right than with a snazzy bachelortte survival kit!  


It's super simple.  Start with a confetti push pop to kickstart the party [and champagne, of course].


Add a few beauty accessories...


Plus a snack and gum for the end of the night...


Remedies for the next morning...

Killer fun tissue paper shreds...

And put it all in a lovely box.  Done!

Happy weekend friends!

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