Beginning Your Day with Intention

I am a walking contradiction.  

You see, I am at my best in the mornings.  Got a long to-do list?  Let me tackle it at 6:30 AM.  Need the kitchen cleaned?  No problem.  

But the major contradiction here is that I love sleep...really, really, really loooooove sleep.  Being the queen of the snooze button, I have no qualms about hitting it for as long as needed [or desired] - sometimes up to an hour and a half.  

People say that at that point you're no longer getting revitalizing sleep since you're being interrupted every 9 minutes by your alarm, but I highly disagree.  Slap that snooze and I'm out cold again in less than 5.2 seconds flat.  I even continue my dreams in between snooze slams.  

I believe my biggest problem is that I literally fear being tired during the day.  For better or for worse, I prefer, and am most comfortable, in a state of energetic vigor.  

I haven't reached the point of self-awareness yet as to know why I hate being tired, but I do know this fear has gotten worse since becoming mom.  Probably because as a mom you are always in some state of exhaustion - the only question is just what that level may be.  

Thus the tug and pull between the desire to feel productive, purposeful and active and the desire to stock up on sleep.  

When I allow myself to sleep in until the absolute latest time [which is usually until Vivi awakes or Drew leaves at 7], I often feel as if I am chasing the day.  Instead of feeling proactive, I feel reactive to the day's circumstances.

However, when I do begin my day with intention, a routine as you may have it, I feel in control and purposeful.  I feel more productive and have more energy to tackle the big stuff [like the tantrums Vivi has become so keen on throwing]. I love starting the day in a quiet house with a dark morning sky crossing off nagging to-do list bullets while sipping my steaming hot coffee.  

But I can tell you, it isn't easy.  

My morning routine seems to be in constant evolution.  My current routine varies slightly from the routine I had 8 months ago where I awoke at 5:45 AM and you better believe it'll all get thrown up in the air when Baby #2 arrives in December.  

current morning routine

My alarm goes off around 5:45 AM - and then shuts off promptly after I hit snooze [hey, I never said this getting up early was easy].

After about a snooze or two, I force myself to turn on the lamp on my nightstand around 6:15ish.  Once the light is on I can find little reason not to sit up in bed.  

And then - this is the key - I do something that I want to do to get my mind going.  

In my case, I pull out my Sentence a Day journal located in an accessible place [top drawer of the nightstand] and write about the previous day.  I used to hop on my phone and web surf or check email, but I found this to be a black hole.  Before I knew it, thirty minutes had passed and I hadn't even gotten out of the bed yet.  

Writing in my Sentence a Day journal is enjoyable, reflective and succinct.  

After journaling, I hit the bathroom for some water and grab a warm, chunky cardigan and slippers [is there anything worse than leaving a cozy, toasty bed for a chilly, dark house?].  

I head upstairs to make a cup of coffee [the keurig is set to turn on thirty minutes prior] and then sit down at my desk with my Get to Work Book and computer.  I spend a few minutes prioritizing the day and then begin working on an EE related task for the next 20 minutes or so, which is usually how long I have before I need to get Vivi's day started.  

It's nothing fancy.  

I'm not waking up every morning with the objective of writing a novel.  I just need a little me-time, a little productivity, a little bit of a plan for the day and some positivity.  

This is the formula that works for starting my day in a proactive, productive way - with intention.  

How do you begin your day?  Do you allow yourself some me-time?  If not, what's one thing you could do for yourself in the mornings to begin your day in a positive and productive way?

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