Big Brother [or Sister] Activity Box

Having a second baby can be hard on the older sibling especially when said sibling is in his or her toddler years.  

When I ask Vivi how she feels about our new baby coming in December, more times than not, she answers "Nervous".  

I myself am a bit nervous as well - the splitting of time between the girls, making sure Vivi feels secure, the new baby schedule combined with a toddler schedule, and of course, the sleepless nights.  Very often in my head, my inner voice whispers, "one day at a time".  

Because that's all we can really do, right?

My cousin just had her second baby, a baby girl named Emery, in September.  I bought Emery the cutest little welcome to world gold moccasins, but I really wanted to do something special for Bennett, my cousin's first child, as well.  

Bennett is 19 months old and is a super adorable and remarkably chill little man.  I thought it would be fun to put together a simple activity box as a big brother gift with basic activities he can do while Mommy is changing diapers, nursing Emery, rocking her to sleep, etc, etc, etc.  

And maybe [and more importantly], this box will help my cousin out as well.  Need a quick distraction for Bennett?  Reach in the box and pull out a bag.

criteria for the box

  • activities must be age appropriate and
  • must require as little parental involvement as possible.  

I didn't spend a lot of time DIYing activities because I didn't really think it was necessary.  There are so many low cost possibilities in places like the dollar store and dollar spot at Target that DIYing felt unnecessary.  

I did make a ridiculously easy fuzz ball game [Vivi used to love stuffing fuzz balls through holes in containers when she was Bennett's age] and also gathered some extra Play Doh supplies from Vivi's humungous stash.  

Other than that though, everything else was store-bought. 

Included in this box

  • A fuzz ball game - literally, this is just an egg carton with holes punched through it and various size fuzz balls
  • A Color Wonder book with markers - this coloring book is our go-to for plane rides, but would obviously be great at home as well.  The book requires special markers that only write on the coloring book pages.  If the kiddo decides to draw on the walls, themselves, the cat, the table or the [insert any possible object here], the ink will glide on colorless.
  • I Am A Big Brother by Caroline Jayne Church
  • A bead maze
  • A small stamping kit with three stamps and a pad
  • Various Play-Doh supplies

Last, but certainly not least, is a Starbucks gift card for mama.  Because we all know she's going to need the extra caffeine and she deserves to treat herself.  

After all, she's the one making it all happen.

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