Brunch in a Box (that you can send in the mail!)

Brunch has always been my absolute favorite meal.  I've always secretly pouted that we are forced to wait until the weekend to enjoy brunch.  

Is it really that faux pas to ditch work/kids/weekday errands at 10 am for mimosas, bloody marys and foods from two different meals?  

Ultimately, I think not.  

Society would be a lot more civil if we enjoyed brunch more.  How many family feuds do you hear about happening during brunch?  It just doesn't happen.  

Brunch could literally right all the wrongs of the world.  

Pretty sure the recent nuclear agreement with Iran came about over brunch.  Just saying.

My brother and his girlfriend have had a big year.  My brother moved to New Mexico with work, his girlfriend graduated college and started her first job and they've moved in together for the first time.  Lots of firsts.  

I wanted to send them a little congrats on all the firsts/thinking of y'all gift and I figured what better than sending the experience of brunch at home.  

I knew I would have some limitations since this box of brunch goodies was coming via snail mail, so I started by hitting up World Market Cost Plus for some of their mini foods.  

I ended with an assortment of teeny tiny jelly jars [the cutest!], maple syrup, a small bottle of sparkling wine, strawberry rhubarb pancake mix and bacon cheddar waffle mix.  

I could have continued on forever adding cheeses, salamis, crackers, coffee, etc. but I knew my box was only so big.  

I felt satisfied with my final selection - a little sweet, a little savory and a little alcoholic.  A winning brunch formula.  

When choosing a box, I decided the USPS priority mail flat rate boxes were the way to go.  Upon shipping, I will only pay $12.65 to ship the contents.  Not bad.

I love sending gifts to friends and family in the mail, but the downside is that the interior of the package usually looks quite ugly or boring at best.  

Let's face it - we're packing the goods to arrive at their destination safely and safe doesn't usually equal visally appealing.  

I decided to spend some extra time spiffing up the contents a bit so that when my brother and his girlfriend opened the box, it would at least look fun.

I started by spray painting the interior of the box which was covered with a "Thank you for using Priority Mail" slogan.  A few coats of coral paint and the logo was mostly gone.  

To spray the inside, I simply sliced the box open at a corner so that it could lay flat, inside facing up for the paint.  The box is probably a bit compromised now, but I used about 22 feet of mailing tape to put it back together, so I'm confident it will be fine.  

The next additions included black helvetica stickers [leftover from this acrylic desktop calendar project] and washi tape.  

I used leftover pieces of packing foam and bubble wrap to cover the breakable items [basically everything but the pancake and waffle mixes].  I then wrapped the packaged items in tissue paper and embellished with simple and short washi tape bunting and confetti.

It was a quick and fun project to make and of course, it always feels good giving a gift.  I hope my bother and his girlfriend enjoy it!  Now, who's available to meet me for brunch??

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