Coming Back Strong - with a BOSS BABE Giveaway!

Damn, it feels good to be back.  I have missed this.  I've missed YOU.  You have no idea how happy I am that you are still here!  Ok, enough with the sappy reunions, ummkay?  

So it has been just under 7 months [Waah?!?!?!] since my last post and SO. MUCH. HAS. HAPPENED.  

Faye Imogen was born on December 22nd.  She came like a flash of lightening and we almost didn't make it to the hospital.

In February, when Faye was only 7 weeks old, we moved back to Houston - something I had been ready to do for a looooong time.  

Along with the move, we sold our house in the Bay Area, temporarily invaded my parents' home for 2 months, bought a house and moved in, and pretty much went insane trying to keep things stable for our two young children.  But we're here in Texas now and while I really miss the San Francisco Bay Area, I know in my heart, we're home.  

So, what have I got up my sleeve for Everyday Enthusiastic?  Well, stick with me and you will see [sly emoji face].  In all seriousness, I have some big plans for Everyday Enthusiastic.  We've got a little somethin' somethin' happening on the branding side, a little somethin' else with collaborations and posts, and so much more.  Can't stop this creative freight train barreling through my head.  

And just to start our reunion off right, we have a giveaway that is AWE-SOME and is specifically for all you Bad Ass Boss Babes out there.  I've partnered with the amazing Sam from The Pink Envelope to bring you the opportunity to win this super cool basket of Boss Babe goodies.  Just what you need in order to take over the world - Boss Babe style. 

To enter, simply follow the prompts below.  There is no fee to enter and only amazing swag to gain.

 This giveaway is now closed.

A huge thanks to Sam at The Pink Envelope for hosting such an awesome giveaway!