Confetti-Bombed Letter DIY


                  -SAID NO ONE EVER

Happy Wednesday everyone!  

And what makes a happier day than the addition of confetti??  [answer: not much...except maybe confetti and champagne?].  

As you may or may not know, last Wednesday I posted my February goals, which included making a Valentine's day craft.  This may not seem like a worthy goal, but for me, it's a big deal.  

I can be quite pragmatic when it comes to arts and crafts, often times nixing a craft before it even begins.  Usually it is because the craft is not functional or it is not something I would display for longer than the length of the holiday.  

I assess the time I expect to complete the craft compared to the time it would remain on display in the house and then, as if on cue, I veto the idea.  

But the trouble is, this blog is all about practicing creativity for the sake of a more-balanced, inspired and enthusiastic life.  Crafting does not have to be functional, it just needs to be fun.  And this craft was definitely fun - especially the confetti-bombing part.  

So, is your week looking a little dull?  Start confetti-bombing everything within arm's reach.  Trust me - it's like therapy.


Modge Podge

Spray adhesive

Small sequins


Foam poster board

Craft paint and paintbrush

Boxcutter or similar tool


Sketch your letters onto the foam board.  I marked the center of the letter with a cross to help with the freehand.  And I completely suck at freehand, so if I can do it, you can do it!

Use your boxcutter to cut the letters out.  Warning - be careful!  There will be resistance in the foam board against the boxcutter and no one needs a knife in the leg Ricky Bobby-style!

Paint the front and sides.

Modge podge the painted side of one letter and CONFETTI BOMB it [aka hit it with confetti].

Let dry about 30 minutes to an hour and lightly shake off any extra confetti.

Spray with the adhesive and hit it with more confetti.

Repeat step 6 until satisfied finishing with a last sprinkle of sequins.

Use scissors to trim any confetti hanging over the edges of the letters.

Hang, prop, photograph, admire and share [#craftenthus] your beautiful work!  

Tip - If you would like to make sure your confetti does does not take the plunge from your letters to the floor, you can also finish with a spray of polyurethane finish. 


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