A Creative Challenge + 100 Rejections

Writing 2 pages per day! Eek!

Can I do double space?

And size 14 font?

Maybe I could push it to size 15 font since its not quite as insane as 16 but takes up more space than 14.

You see how I am trying to wriggle out of this one?  Wriggling and slithering.  Just call me Mere the snake.  SSSSSssssss…  

Alright, fine. I committed to this challenge and I am going to stick with it because A) it’ll be good for me and B) it truly is the only way to keep you tapped in to your creative side.

How can you get to the good stuff if you don’t push through the ick? And the bleh? And the meh?

 A little backstory – Earlier this season, I was listening to one of Elise Blaha Cripe’s podcasts [she's one of my fav bloggers]. She had some great advice on “doing the work” and she also mentioned the name of a friend, Tiffany Han. One website tangent led to another, and then another [admit it y’all, it happens to you too], and pretty soon I was signing up for this 100 Rejection Letters Program by Tiffany and ahhhhh! Now I’ve committed to writing 2 pages a day.

 But in all seriousness, I am so pumped about this program.

Tiffany is a business and life coach who focuses on women with creative businesses and she is INSPIRING. Not because she’s the most all-knowing, do-it-all, career-woman by day, Martha Stewart by night, going to be president and then walk on the moon in Jimmy Choo's kind of woman [by the way, I choose these for a space odyssey], but because she’s all about what’s right for her, what’s right for her family, what excites her creatively and about taking a chance even if it means a possible rejection.

Hence 100 Rejection Letters.

We (the group of women participating in this challenge with Tiffany), are committed to getting 100 rejections over the course of the next year. Pretty scary, but also pretty exciting, right?

 I feel a bit shameful because its taken me so long to share this with you guys and now her program has started and it might be too late to join (maybe) at the gold level [the level at which I joined].

But here’s your first challenge and an attempt at rejection.

Go to her website, hit contact, and shoot her an email requesting a late membership to the gold level. What’s the worst that could happen? She says no? Good, that’s the point. Your first rejection my friend. And one rejection closer to your next YES.  Now I just need to take my own advice...

 Thank you Tiffany for encouraging me to take my life and business to the next level!  

How do you push yourself creatively, friends?  I'd love to hear your comments below!

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