DIY Color-Blocked Wooden Bangles

Oh man folks, around here the days are long and getting longer by the week.  We are 32 days out from D-day and I am getting antsy and tired and quite frankly, really cranky.  

I've hit that stage where it is all but impossible for me to get comfortable.  My belly is so low that it pokes out of even the most forgiving maternity shirts.  My walk is way worse than a waddle - it's more like a double limp.  

I am ready to get this show on the road. But alas, I'd prefer my baby to wait until closer to her due date to make her big arrival.  Let's beef up that little brain some more.  

In the meantime, I am trying to find ways to pass the days other than boring chores and napping [which I am allowing myself at every whim when Vivi's schedule permits].  

The pregnant brain is a funny creature.  The hormones make my thinking so cloudy that even cooking a basic recipe can cause me to lose my mind.  

Focus is difficult.  I often feel easily distracted from general tasks and find myself daydreaming of nesting feats that cannot be achieved at this time [like completely throwing my living room furniture to the curb and pulling an Emily Henderson-style weekend makeover].  

Writing this post right now is like watching a three year who's opened too many Christmas presents.  Distraction reigns supreme. 

However, creative release has been my savior these past few weeks - creating something for the sake of creation rather than for a strategic objective.  

These bangles literally saved me from myself last week.  

As I sat in the sunlight at our dining room table, I created with intuition.  What color did I feel like using?  Oh, glitter sounds fun.  

Towards the end of the process, I decided I wanted highlight more wood grain so off to the Home Depot for some natural wood stain.  

I love the way each bangle turned out unique yet coordinated with the set.  I'm also so satisfied with my gut's choice of the Martha Stewart White Gold fine glitter.  I'm normally a gold gal, but that warm silvery metallic was whispering sweet nothings into my ear.  I couldn't avoid it's pull.


Fine glitter

Natural-toned wood stain

Painter's tape

Mod Podge (I used the glossy formula)

Wooden bangles with a dome exterior (I purchased mine from

Craft paint

Foam brushes

Small painter's brush


Following the directions given on the stain container, stain each bangle.  I found the bangles to be very smooth, so I did not sand.  I simply wiped the bangles with a clean dry cloth to remove any dust particles prior to starting.  Allow to dry for a few hours before continuing.  

Using the painter's tape, tape off sections of the bangle for the craft paint.  I found an angled look to be the most fluid with the curve of the bangle, but if stripes are more your style, I say go for it!

Using a foam brush, paint the taped off sections with craft paint and allow to dry.  Lighter colors may need a few separate coats. 

Once you're happy with the coverage of paint on the bangle, choose a section on the bangle for glitter and tape off.

Brush this new section with Modge Podge and shake, shake, shake what your mama gave you - uh, I mean glitter.  I did this over a small metal pan with a piece of cardstock at the bottom.  Any glitter that did not stick was poured back into the container with the cardstock.  Again, allow to dry.

If you see any bald spots in your glitter, repeat step 5 once the glue has dried.

To seal the glitter portion, brush on a thin coat of Modge Podge over the glitter section only.  If you try to seal the entire bangle without sealing the glitter first, it can drag pieces of glitter onto the non-glittered parts of the bangle.

Finally, seal the entire bangle in one more coat of Modge Podge for protection.

These bangles are fun to make and more importantly, fun to wear.  And ahem, Christmas is just around the corner.  Which one of your girlfriends wouldn't love to open a bow-tied box of these?  I'm just saying.  

Have you DIYed bangles before?  What method did you use?  I'd love to see photos of your bangles!  Share with me on Instagram and tag your work with #craftenthus!

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