Extreme Nesting

I am six months into this pregnancy with baby girl #2 and my nesting instincts have kicked in full force in every aspect of my life. 

From the desire to have Vivi in her new big girl room and following new routines to my business and blog to spending snippets of down time googling the Houston real estate market [fingers crossed for a summer 2016 move], I am on the go. 

The sense of urgency within me is killer.  All these things on my list?  Yeah, they should’ve been done yesterday. 

And it was this feeling exactly that caused my mini hormone-induced flip-out last night before bed.   Drew wanted me to calm to down so that we could read and relax before angelically drifting off to sleep, but there was NO STOPPING THIS TRAIN.  At one point, he gently suggested it would all be ok…we had 5 months to work all this out…

And I about lost it. 

5 months??  Try 3 months and 3 weeks buddy!!  And along with that, let’s just go ahead and throw in a visit to Texas, two separate family visits to California, and Thanksgiving and Christmas to boot [to all visiting family members - yes, we still want you to come!  it was just necessary to use you as ammo in the moment]. 

But in all seriousness, there’s a lot happening between now and baby girl’s due date of December 21st.  

I want everything done now and I want it done right.  

For every problem I foresee in the future, I want a solution now [or at least a flexible plan].  And guess what?  There are more things piling on my list every day. 

For example, take my knitting.  I was working on knitting a small baby blanket for baby girl, but with the terrible heat [95 degrees in Oakland today and no AC here!], the idea of picking up my knitting project makes me squeamish.  The project came to a halt, but I still desperately want it complete for sweet newborn photos [oh yeah, and I guess to actually keep her warm too...but really just for the photos].

There are other projects left unfinished here as well, but trust me, it’s not for lack of trying.  I spent the three day weekend chalk painting the dresser in Vivi’s big girl room in 100 degree heat on our topmost floor [stay tuned next week for the official post on how it turns out]. 

I also worked on a second project upgrading some boring ‘ole smore sticks into something fabulous.  The smore stick DIY was scheduled to go live on the blog this morning, but I failed to meet my own deadline [which I hate].  Check back on Thursday for that goodness.  

I literally worked all weekend trying to finish these projects and it just didn’t happen.  It is so frustrating, but I have to realize that I just can’t get it all done right now.  I can’t do everything - it’s physically impossible. 

So despite the nesting voice telling me to GO, GO, GO, I’m trying to remember to take a deep breath, prioritize it in the scheme of things and then schedule it for another day.  What else can you do?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your to-do list?  Have you had intense desires to nest with any of your kiddos? 

I’d love to hear your experiences!  Share in the comments or share with me on Instagram!

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