Fresh Flower Mobile DIY

April and flowers go together like peas and carrots.  Or Forrest and Jenny.  And whenever we have fresh flowers in the house, they seem to immediately brighten my day.  It's the small things in life, huh?

What a better way to brighten your day than flowers hanging from the ceiling??  

Answer:  No.  Better.  Way.  José.  

This DIY is simple and fun and works well with many different types of flowers.  I used ranunculus, but I could see these mobiles with other types of flowers like tulips, dahlias, anemones or even a mix of several. For a permanent mobile for, say, a child's room, simply use high quality silk flowers.   

These flower mobiles can be made a day in advance if needed for a party or celebration.  

If making in advance, I recommend using waxed string and only attaching it to the flowers.  Then set the flowers in water [it's ok if the string gets wet] and place them in the fridge until you are ready to hang.  Once attached to the embroidery hoop and hung from the ceiling, you can place damp paper towels around the bottom part of the stems.  This will help keep the flowers moist until showtime.  Before you're guests arrive, just pull off the dampened towels.

This DIY is also a fun way to dry roses and other flowers or herbs that dry upside down.  How beautiful would your kitchen look [and smell] with cilantro, parsley and basil hanging from the ceiling?



Spray paint (optional)

Embroidery hoops of different sizes

Waxed jewelry string [such as this]


If desired, spray paint the embroidery hoops and let dry.

Trim the flower stems to the desired length.  

Cut a piece of string for each flower [or grouping of flowers]. Each piece is going to be pretty long because after it attaches the flower, it will wrap three times around the small hoop where the leftover string will be used to tie a knot for hanging at the top. Tie the string with a basic knot to flower bottoms.

Open the embroidery hoop and separate the two hoops from each other.  Wrap the string attached to the flowers three times around the smaller hoop.  Continue to do this with desired amount of flowers.  Because the string is waxed, the flowers will hang without being tied or secured while you finish with the others on the hoop.

Reattach the outer hoop, which will officially secure the flowers.  

While holding dangling leftover string up, tie a knot in the center of the hoop, but a good 6 to 12 inches higher, and hang.  

Enjoy the burst of flowers dangling from your ceiling!

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