Gathered Gold - Inspired by the Moon

In the Gathered Gold curation feature, I source some of the coolest ideas, inspiration and home + party provisions from around the web.  Let your next DIY, party or room project be inspired by these trending ideas.  

With the days growing shorter and the nights growing longer, my awareness of our moon has resurfaced.  What has also resurfaced is a nagging desire to bring in a celestial feel to parts of my home.  

What is it about our moon that is so intriguing? The way it glows white, yellow and even orange without actually producing any of the light on its own?  The way it appears to change shape in the sky though it's spherical surface remains constant?  Maybe it's the idea that when we look up into the night sky, we're seeing the same celestial bodies that our ancestors saw thousands of years ago.  What ever it may be, use these ideas to inspire you to bring a little moon into your home and soul.  

Lunar Garland - For a party or for a nursery?  Nah, I say for life.

Moon Piñata - What's adorable, white-fringed and filled with delicious candy?  This guy.

Watercolor - Thinking of adding this piece into my decor in the living area.

Moon Earrings - So dainty and cute.  

Moon Phase Wallpaper - A graphic way to incorporate the lunar trend on a full scale while not making the room feel busy.

Night Sky Playdough - I want to make this, take a sample into the paint store and demand 50 gallons of paint color-matched to that exact shade of indigo.  I guess I'll let my kids play with it too.

DIY Moon Wall Mural - The detail of this hand-painted wall is astounding (and apparently remarkably easy with the use of an old-school overhead projector).

DIY Marble Phases of the Moon Wall Hanging - Marble?  Check.  Hangs on the wall?  Yup.  Done in 20 minutes?  For the win.  

Which of these inspiring ideas will you try/buy?  If I can get these kiddos shipped off somewhere for a day, I may just purchase and try them all!