Fall is Here So Make Your Life Happen Challenge

A new season is upon us and I could not be happier about it.  

I absolutely love autumn - it's my favorite time of year.  When September rolls around, I always get the sensation to restart my life so to speak.  I SERIOUSLY love fall.

And with that feeling of a restart comes the desire to start something new.  

While Everyday Enthusiastic does not feel new to me, I realize it really is because 99.9% of my ideas for it are in my head!  Not much of blog that way.  

However, it can be scary to start something, to commit all in, because the pressure is great and risk of failure is way more public.  

And that's what I have been grappling with this past summer.  

"Do I go for it?"  "Do I not?"  "What if I look and sound dumb?"  "What if people think I am just a copycat?"  "What if my ideas are not hip or fresh enough?"  "WHAT IF I DONT HAVE IT IN ME?"  

Ugggghhhhh.  That last one is the WORST.  

Well here's what I say to you, you doubtful, mean little voice in my head:

Fall is here And I have dreams.  So screw you little mean voice because I want to make some awesome moist pumpkin bread and a killer autumnal wreath for my door.

And guess what?  I want to write about it too.  

And so I will take that mean little voice head on for the Fall is Here So Make Your Life Happen Challenge.  

For the next 14 weeks I will be posting a project or activity a week.  Most will be small, but in existence nonetheless.  I can't wait to share them with you.  

Wish me luck!  Its time to enjoy fall and build some dreams.