Organic Gold-Dipped Stone Place Card and Setting

This year for Thanksgiving we've got a big crew coming - 12 adults and 4 kids.  I love it.  I'm genuinely excited, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit overwhelming.  

For a group of this size I will be renting tables and table cloths as we do not have enough space around our dining room table.  The other addition to this Thanksgiving are place cards.

Some hosts worry that place cards are annoying if not invasive to their guests, but when dealing with a large group, I disagree.  Place cards offer direction to your guests without causing them to feel worried that they've sat in someone's favorite spot.  

Plus, no musical chairs.  

And who can resist the simple elegance of nature's most basic gifts - a rock and a branch?  The most popular toys of kiddos around the world and also MacGyver's two favorite tools.


Foam brushes

Soft brushes such as paintbrushes or makeup brushes

Paper tags (found in the stationary isle)

Seeded eucalyptus 

Smooth stones (found in the vase filler isle of a craft store)

Gold foil kit


Scotch Tape


Wipe stones clean of dust and dirt with a dry cloth.  

Following the instructions in the gold foil kit, apply the foil to the stone in an angular manner.

------ PS - the instructions for gold foiling are crazy simple.  Apply adhesive size.  Wait 30 minutes.  Stick gold foil to it.  Use a soft brush to wipe off the excess and smooth it down.  Apply sealant (optional).

Write the guests' names on the tags.  See this site for an amazing faux-ligraphy tutorial.

Tie the name tags on with twine.  Secure twine on the bottom-side of the stone with scotch tape. 

Set the place card on the plate with a branch of seeded eucalyptus.