Gold Foiled Easter Eggs

I feel a little guilty saying this, but - I decorated Easter Eggs without my daughter.  GASP!! It's true.  We will dye eggs tomorrow with her, but the other day?  The gold foil??  That was for me.  #MomsGetToDoFunThingsToo

I've always wanted to try my hand at gold foil and even more so in the past few years as foil DIYs have flooded the blog sphere.  I figured eggs were a perfect test subject.  Not expensive and not intended to last a lifetime [geez, the smell!].  

Working with gold foil was fun and relatively easy.  

I used a kit like this one which included everything but the paint brushes to begin.  The directions are pretty straight forward - paint on adhesive size, let it dry until it becomes tacky, lay on the gold foil and gently brush it down with a soft brush.  Easy peasy.

Two awkward parts however.  

Number one - gold foil is super thin.  It rips and tears easily.  

Number two - the adhesive size is clear.  If you're painting a design (like I attempted), you won't be able to see where the size is.  That is why my designs are not as exact as I had intended.  Honestly, I kind of like the messiness of it.  Gotta get crazy sometime, amiright?

Happy Easter weekend to everyone!

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