Halloween Boa Wreath DIY

Right now, I am allllll about the quick and easy DIY's.  After spending so long styling, painting and decorating Vivi's big girl room [stay tuned because I swear the final photos will be up in the next few weeks], I'm craving some easy wins.  What's that?  Oh that can be done in an afternoon?  I'm all over it.   So, working on this easy wreath was a definite no brainer.  

It only took about 45 minutes from collecting the materials to hanging it on the door.  Huzzah!  Oh, and that's an honest time assessment for the DIY.  None of this, "Done in 10 min!" crap.  It drives me crazy when I see a DIY make awesome claims on the time that once you get started you realize couldn't possibly be true without being on cocaine [and darn, my stash just ran out last week].  

By the way, there are actually some great quick ideas just waiting to made on Pinterest, but you have to use common sense when eyeing the project.  And a second by the way, I don't actually do coke.  I'm more of a coffee and sugar gal when it comes to uppers.

So on to the Halloween boa wreath DIY.  I love the feathered look of boa wreaths, but anytime I saw one in the store it seemed to be A) more than I wanted to spend or B) too ostentatious or cutesy for my taste.  

When it comes to wreaths, I tend to err on the side of simplistic and little sophisticated.  No wicked witch legs hanging out of the door here [though totally cool if that's your thing - it makes me happy to see anyone getting in the spirit regardless of style].  

And who doesn't find feathered boas fun to craft with??  Well, maybe not the person that has to clean up the feathers...oh wait, that's me.  Hmm...


Ribbon for accent

Fishing wire to hang the wreath

14 in foam wreath form

3 - 4 boas from the craft store [mine came from Michaels]

Hot glue gun and sticks


Start by glueing one end of a boa to the wreath form in any location.  You don't have to put the glue all the around the form - only a small line on one side.  

Holding the piece of boa carefully that rests on the drying glue, gently tuck the rest of the boa through the center of the wreath form and back through the other side.  When you the reach the section you previously glued, add a small line of new hot glue close enough to the first piece that the form is hidden beneath the feathers.  Then lay the boa over the fresh hot glue, carefully holding the glued portion while pulling the boa through and around the wreath form.  Keep repeating until the boa ends.

When the first boa runs out, simply glue the next boa as if connecting it to the first.

Cut a long piece of ribbon about 3 to 3.5 feet in length [depending on how much of a ribbon drop you want off the bottom of your wreath].  Attach the ribbon using the ridiculously simple Lark's Head knot.  For an example of this type of knot, see my past DIY for the Yarn and Ring Wall Hanging.  For extra security, I put a small dot of hot glue beneath the front portion of the ribbon thus bonding it to the ribbons hanging below. Cut a small V on the bottom edge of the ribbons.

Hang your wreath, share it [#craftenthus] and enjoy your sophisticatedly spooky front door!

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