I'm Frustrated...With Photoshop.

My frustration is mounting.  

The tension between myself and my Macbook is palpable.  

The air is thick and my forehead is sticky with sweat.  I contemplate the consequences of chucking the computer out the second story window where I am working.  

Shit just got real.

Ok, let’s back up a bit and I’ll cut some of the theatrics though that is a pretty accurate portrayal of how I am feeling right now.

I’m trying to learn Photoshop.  Dun Dun Duhhhn.  

I’m not taking a class, though I did purchase A Beautiful Mess’s Photoshop for Bloggers Ecourse.  For the most part however, I’ve been trying to teach myself with online tutorials as I go.

I get it - Photoshop is not that hard of a program.  I’ve actually learned quite a bit on my own [don’t know if you could tell or not, but I recently learned how to make confetti…and I went a little crazy with it here].  

Many, many, many people use it daily and effortlessly.

And just knowing that makes me all the more frustrated.  

I dream in a fashion that’s always twelve steps deeper into the program than my abilities currently go.  It drives me up a wall and has begun to threaten my delicate relationship with my computer.

Here’s the secondary reason why I am frustrated.  

At the beginning of last month I sat down to sketch out my goals for Everyday Enthusiastic in 2015.  At the top of the list was – Increase postings per week.  I had planned to begin posting twice a week starting 6 days ago and yet, here I am, stalled at a wall where my great post idea is halted [yet again] by my own Photoshop limitations [and the time it may take for me to master those skills].  

So I guess the big question is why haven’t I sat down and actually completed the Beautiful Mess course.  

Honestly, I don’t know.  Too busy?  Too lazy?  Too on-to-the-next-thing?  

Who knows.  

The course seems great so far, so I really have no good reason.  

But here’s my point.  I need to sit down and do it start to finish.  

Photoshop is an important application in the path towards blogging greatness.  It’s foundational.  It’s fundamental.  I need to take the time to learn it even if that means the blog goes post-less for a week [that seemed like a much bigger deal in my head than it actually does on paper. typical.]

So bid me farewell as I leap feet first into the world of Adobe, not to return until I have mastered and enslaved the great beast [again with the theatrics – sorry].  

Au revoir, my dears!

This post appeared first on Everyday Enthusiastic.  All ideas in this post are of my own opinions including mention of companies and/or affiliate sites.  No sponsorships were involved in the creation of this post.  Photographs taken by Meredith Wheeler using the Macbook camera and changed to black and white with iPhoto [not Photoshop - wouldn't that have been shitty?!?]. ;)