Grieving my lost tomato and arugula sprouts, which I started indoors but perished almost immediately when moved outside.  #BlackThumb

I'm so, so, SO excited; no, ecstatic, that my stomach can handle and wants coffee again.  My mornings are now bright.

Still coming down from the wedding fun/excitement/madness that is taking a toddler six states away to attend a wedding and all the festivities prior.  Vivi did very well except for when she started saying "No!" very loudly during a silent prayer moment during the ceremony.  Oops.  Congratulations to my sweet, handsome cousin Jordan and his new wife Jenny!  We were so proud to be there.

Knitting is making a comeback in my hobbyist life.  I am slowly working on an afghan pattern shared with me by my late grandmother, Mommom.  (Did you see my latest dessert recipe on the blog?  It was one of Mommom's specialties).  The afghan consists of knitting many squares and then sewing them together to make a larger blanket.  The patterned squares are pretty small, so maybe I'll make them into a baby afghan for baby girl Wheeler #2.

Goodbye to my Goal Challenge - at least for a while.  I hate to quit on something, but right now is not the time to push myself.  I'm still trying to get back on my standard routine!

Hoping to splurge on a facial soon.  These hormones are reeking havoc on my skin.

Searching for some new and exciting things to do with Vivi this summer.  Any ideas in the Bay Area?

Dreaming of the beach...particularly Mexico Beach, Florida.  Heading out in August for a long vacation to my favorite nostalgic spot; a small little blip on the Florida panhandle.  Can't wait to get back, but until then I'll just keep staring at throwback photos of Vivi's first trip to Mexico Beach... [look at those chubby legs!]

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