Mommom's Strawberry Dessert Recipe

My grandmother, Lily Frances Roberts, whom everyone called Frances and every grandchild and grandchild-aged person in the world called Mommom, passed away in February of 2013. 

Losing her was one of the hardest experiences I’ve been through and to this day I’m not sure I’m totally healed [is it even possible?]. 

One of the most beautiful lessons I learned from my Mommom was the art of loving to cook for others.  Notice I didn’t say the art of cooking or cooking well, though she certainly was a phenomenal cook.  I mean the art of loving to cook for others.  

Slaving away in the kitchen for three, four, five hours would not be worth it if it wasn’t possible to watch your loved ones bending over their plates, shoveling your blood, sweat and tears, uh…I mean food…into their mouths. 

I love it.  She loved it.  It was just one of ninety-nine thousand lessons I learned from her. 

And the recipe that takes me back, back to her tiny kitchen in the beach house trailer [oh yea, that’s right, I said trailer.  High style, high class, 1970 orange shag carpet and all and I couldn’t have loved it more], back to the hot beach sun of summer and back into her loving arms, is the simplest, quickest and most decadent damn thing you’ll ever taste. 

It doesn’t even have a real name.  We’ve always just called it Strawberry Dessert, because I grew up in a super creative household. 

But it's summer’s heaven, I swear it.  

Don’t be fooled by the recipe's simplicity.  I've never met a person who didn’t go back for seconds.  

Ladies and gentleman (I assume the only gent reading this is Drew), I give you the best thing to hit summer since sunscreen and giant floppy beach hats - Mommom’s Strawberry Dessert. 

Strawberry Dessert

16 oz sour cream

16 oz Cool Whip

1 large angel food cake

14 oz strawberry glaze

4 c sliced strawberries

1/3 c granulated sugar

16 oz powdered sugar

6 oz evaporated milk

Mix together the sliced strawberries and sugar and set aside.

Blend together powdered sugar, evaporated milk, sour cream and Cool Whip.

Tear the cake into small pieces into an extra-large bowl [a little larger than bite-sized].

Fold the powdered sugar mixture into the cake with a spatula, coating evenly.

Add the glaze to the strawberry and granulated sugar mixture. 

In a trifle bowl or similar, begin by pouring a 1/2 of the cake mixture into the bottom of the bowl.  Layer with a 1/2 of the strawberry mixture.  Repeat.  Cover with plastic wrap and chill 1 to 24 hours.


The strawberry glaze can be sometimes difficult to find.  I've found the best places to look for it are in the larger grocery stores such as Kroger, Safeway, HEB, etc.  It is usually on display in the produce section near the strawberries.  This is the brand of strawberry glaze I buy.

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