No-Sew Felt Wall Banner DIY

On August 10th, Vivi turned three and her alter ego Crazy Devil Child officially took over.  

It appeared to have happened overnight in the blink of an eye.  Of course, I'm no fool - there are a number of other factors at play here; the biggest being that she is coping with my ever growing belly and the excited/nervous feelings of being a big sister.  This along with looming potty training and a move to her big girl room and bed has created the perfect storm for a toddler.  

We're just learning to cope as we go right now which is sometimes the best you can do [plus the mood swinging kisses and "I love you's" make it all worth while].

I've been planning this felt wall banner DIY for a while now, but was having a difficult time deciding what the phrase should be.  

At first I was leaning towards something inspirational - "Reach For the Stars".  "Dream Big".  "Don't Stop Till You've Had Enough".  

Ok, maybe the first two are a little cheesy and the last is just an ode to the great pop star himself, but you get the idea.  

Anyway, I settled on something more specific to Vivi's Crazy Devil Child persona [can't fight it; might as well embrace it] and chose "Call of the Wild".  It's quirky and suits her right now.  

This DIY is suuuuper simple.  You can easily make this in day or weekend as long as you are strategic about allowing your glue to dry.  

I used Aleene's Fabric Fushion and highly recommend it.  It takes some time to dry [and best to use a few books for pressure], but when it does dry, its like a bond of steel.  I found that the dry time plus a heavy object was about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.




Dremel tool, circular saw, hand saw or similar

Drill with small bit

Fabric pencil

Books or other heavy objects for pressure

Felt multi-pack

Fabric glue

Sm. wooden dowel approx. 1/2 in. in diameter


Sequin strand [optional]


Using a straightedge, draw out a square of any size [I believe mine was approx. 13 in] with you fabric pencil.  At the base of the square, mark the half point with a long line extending downwards.  Use this line to connect the bottom corners of the square into a triangle.  Don't worry about mistakes because this is the back of your banner.  Cut out.  As you can see, mine was not exact.  

Keeping the back of your banner facing up, place the dowel at the top.  Mark with a pencil where to trim the dowel.  Cut the dowel with a circular saw.  Drill two small holes through the dowel about an inch from the ends using a bit large enough for the diameter of the twine.

Lay the newly trimmed dowel centered at the top of the banner.  Fold the top felt over the dowel creating a tunnel.  Glue the felt in place in sections, securing with a book or other heavy object after each section.  If needed, you can remove the dowel while gluing the tunnel.

While the tunnel dries, trace or freehand your letters [I freehanded it for a handmade look] on your desired felt.  Remember, we'll be flipping each letter over to glue so that we do not see our sketch lines.  This works well for horizontally symmetrical letters like A, H, and O, but will not work for vertically symmetrical or non-symmetrical letters like B, F, and L.  In the case of these letters, I drew the letter the regular way and then cut it out and used it as a template to draw the letter backwards.  My backwards freehand looked a little insane.

Lay out your letters and start gluing, securing with heavy objects for the dry time.

Glue your sequin embellishment.

Push the twine through the holes in the dowel from the top, securing with a knot at the underside of the dowel.

Hang and enjoy!

This post appeared first on Everyday Enthusiastic.  All ideas in this post are of my own opinions including any mention of companies and/or affiliate sites.  No sponsorships were involved in the creation of this post.  Photographs taken by Meredith Wheeler using a DSLR Canon Rebel T3 and edited using Photoshop CC.