Past Challenge Fulfilled

Last September, just a mere two months and two posts after starting this blog, I gave myself a challenge - the "Fall is Here So Make Your Life Happen Challenge".  

The name is a little goofy, I get that, but the real guts of the challenge were indeed in there.  

Just start posting.  Just start creating.  See what happens.  

Truly, it was just for myself because at that time [and possibly right now too which is totally okay] the only people reading my blog were my mom, husband and sister [they've hung on this long, so maybe there's hope? :)].  

I'd always known I wanted to start a blog, but had been dragging my feet for a looooooong time and when I finally did start, I was so overwhelmed by creating ONE post that it took me a whole 4 weeks to recover.  

Then I posted again and repeated the recovery process.  

I don't know what changed in me that day as I sat down and wrote out my challenge.  Maybe I was just randomly driven.  Maybe I was possessed.  

Either way, I'd like to get back to that place/chat with that demon and light a new flame under my ass.  

But I digress....because what I really wanted to do here was say something I NEVER EVER tell myself [maybe you're the same?]...


It's quite remarkable really, no matter how small.  

I am the queen of the next shiny thing.  Not because I don't love the first thing, but just because the second thing is sooooo pretty.....  

In fact, I get so caught up with moving on, moving ahead, hopefully moving somewhere, that I usually forget I even had a challenge to start with.  This still kind of happened here, BUT IT ACTUALLY WORKED THIS TIME.  

And it took me until 4 weeks later to even realize that oh yea, I had a challenge and yes, I did it!    

So other than completing the challenge, what did happen?  What changed?  

Here's the way my life is different now due to the posting challenge:  

I have committed all in to Everyday Enthusiastic and now work at it like its my job [shout out to Elise Joy].

I have learned how to swallow [some of] the fear and just do it in lieu of posting regular content.

My photography skills have gotten better.

I know how to use the basics plus some of Photoshop CC.

I know how to run a fairly efficient content schedule with use of my super cool acrylic desktop calendar

I feel better about myself and go through my day with a feeling of greater purpose.

I don't mean to brag.  As mentioned above, giving myself credit is not something that comes naturally to me, for better or for worse.  

What I am trying to show myself and you my friend, my invisible reader masked by the glow of the electronic screen, that if you commit to something and you do it, you will see growth.  

Maybe not in the exact way you imagined, but there will be growth.  

How many hours have I spent reading other people's blogs and stories about how they overcame challenges and created projects and dealt with adversities to the detriment of my own growth and focus?  

Loads of hours.  

And don't get me wrong, let's keep seeking the inspirations found in each other's work, but let's also take a moment to give back to ourselves.  

Let's take on a new challenge.  Tell the world [or Facebook or Instagram] and hold yourself accountable.  And do it.  Stick with it.  You'll be amazed by what happens.  

Seriously, if the Queen of the Next Shiny Thing can do it, you can too.

Have you completed a challenge or project that you are extra proud of?  Do you have a new challenge that you are ready to take on?  Share with me in the comments!  And stay tuned because this challenge thing is ADDICTIVE.  I'm currently flushing out the details of a new challenge that will be even bigger and better than the first!

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