On Promises - Making Them, Breaking Them and Keeping Them

Part 2 in a three part series, On Promises - Making Them, Breaking Them and Keeping Them - see Part 1 here and Part 3 here!

 Oh yes, that's right.  Broken promise number one...no screen time...

As you may have noticed in Part 1, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes promises to myself stick, but what I am really referring to are habits, routines and intentions. How to form them. How to keep them. And probably the toughest skill of all, how to keep going after you’ve broken them.

Everyday Enthusiastic is incredibly important to me. YOU are incredibly important to me. Ergo, most of my top priority promises to myself revolve around what I want to accomplish with this blog and what I can do for you, my reader [and awesome online friend :)].  

My Everyday Enthusiastic Promises to YOU

I promise to inspire you.

DIY’s, recipes, style and design. Beauty around us. Joy in life. Inspiration is everywhere and I’d like to be your guide through the infinite possibilities that abound.

I promise to connect with you.

I want to get to know you!  Maybe I’m weird and don’t have enough friends and this is why I’m trying to connect to invisible people on the other side of my computer screen, but I don’t care. I’m sharing with you the happenings in my life and I’d LOVE to hear happenings in yours. Seriously, you can comment on the site or email me!

I promise to provide you with authenticity, both in myself and in my work.

This is a biggie for me. I put authenticity high up there with honesty and humbleness. I vow to be true to you. I won't suggest something I don’t love. I won't post something I don’t like. I will be honest about my trials and challenges. I may not share every time Drew and I bicker about finances or what the doctor told me at my last check-up [or maybe I will], but I promise to always be real.

I promise to remind you that you are 50 times greater and more capable than you’ve given yourself credit for.

Truthfully, reminding you of this also helps me to believe it in myself. There are things I want in my life that quite frankly, I am scared to go after. In fact, I can think of one in particular right now that I’m hoping to share when the time is right. It seriously scares the SHIT out of me. But what if? But how? But when exactly? But WHAT IF???

See, here’s the thing - we are women and we are strong, dynamic, emotional, vibrant, sexy, profound, adaptable, multi-tasking human beings and we could stand to give ourselves a little more credit where credit is due. Oh, and did I mention that we’re pretty freakin’ cool? I hope you'll join me on the Everyday Enthusiastic journey as I try to believe it [and LIVE IT!] myself!

Stay tuned for Part 3 in this 3 part series, On Promises - Making Them, Breaking Them and Keeping Them where I will discuss tactics I am implementing in my own life to uphold my promises.  These tactics can work for you too!

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