With Sick Babies, Come Sick Mamas

It has been a looooong week and a half around here.  

First it was Vivi.  She had a fever, runny nose and cough for about four days and she was OH-SO-FUSSY.  

I have to be honest here and say it was not easy taking care of her.  Apparently, this time around she reserved just enough energy for tantrums, screaming, throwing and kicking.  

What happened to my sweet chatty girl?  I feel like someone swapped her for an aggressive joy-squashing creature from the deep [not an exaggeration this time!].  

Needless to say, its been rough.  

She went back to school Friday [she only goes Wednesdays and Fridays] and I finally had a day to catch up on work.  It was great.  I was flying neck-deep in multi-colored tissue paper and tinsel.  I had big plans to barrel through the weekend with work.  I was ready to get some posts completed!   

But guess what happened the next day?  [ooh, the suspense!].  I got sick.  


I did not feel good at all.  The sinus pressure in the my face - I think that was the most uncomfortable part.  But I couldn't really let it get me down - I had so much to do!  And I had a little monster to care for, who turns out, was just waiting for her health and strength to return so that she could apply it to more tantrums.  

Being a sick Mommy is not fun.  

I know that's an obvious one, but I just needed to throw it out there.  The days of calling in sick to work, random TV Land marathons and chicken-flavored ramen cups are long gone.  

But at least when I bring a box of tissues to the park, they'll be doing double duty for both me and Vivi's [lingering] runny noses.  If I can't get comfort in this time of insanity, I might as well shoot for efficiency!

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