Simple Adorned S'more Sticks DIY [+ My Fav S'more Combo]

It is here...FALL!  

In my opinion, the Tuesday after Labor Day is the official unofficial start of autumn.  And thank god, because I don't think I could've waited another day.  

In case you haven't noticed, this is my favorite time of year.

Unfortunately, the weather in the Bay Area is not cooperating.  Did Mother Nature miss the memo??  The heat has been excruciatingly painful.  Since hot days are usually a rarity in the East Bay [not so this summer], most homes and small businesses do not have AC.  But when the high gets up to 101 degrees and you are without air-conditioning AND you are 6 months pregnant...that is a recipe for disaster.  

Our house was so hot this week that all the water evaporated from our upstairs toilet.  I kid not here folks.  Can someone puh-leasssse shoot Mother Nature a freakin' email?!? 

Back to all that is good in the world - and by that, I mean s'mores.  

Because, duh.  

Fall is the perfect time to head out to your fire pit/bonfire/little lone candle outside and light up some marshmallows.  

We've had a set of s'more sticks purchased from Amazon for a while, but they were boring.  I figured it was time to pep them up with the DIY equivalent of jazz hands - gold foil.  

This upgrade is so simple and can easily be done in a day.  Glitz up your s'more sticks by day; fire up the s'mores at night.  I've also included my favorite s'more combo.  

Sorry, hershey.  Reese's cups had me at hello.


Painter's tape


S'more sticks [such as these]

Spray paint [I used Montana Gold's Shrimp Pastel, Lilac, Liberty and Red Orange]

Gold leaf kit [such as this one]


Tape off the metal portion of the sticks and remove black ties to prepare for the spray painting.  Spray paint the wooden handles in your choice of color.  

Tape off the wooden handle where you would like the gold leafing to stop.  In my case, I followed the natural grooves in the shape of the handle and taped off near the middle.  

Follow the directions on the gold leafing kit to apply.  Basically, you apply the adhesive size, wait 30 minutes, stick the leafing to the size, burnish it with a soft brush so that it sticks and then apply the sealant.  Easy peasy.

Attach twine through the eye loop and take your new s'more sticks out for a party!!

What is your favorite s'more combo?  There are a million combos out there and this prego is dying to get some more sugar in her!

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