Simple Yarn and Ring Wall Hanging

Do you ever have those days/weeks/months where your brain feels off and unfocused?  That has been me lately.  

Nothing I planned to make inspired me and every time I did start a project, the direction, look, materials, whatever - didn'tt feel right.  

That is, until I got to this puppy.  

Sometimes in life, you just need to create and not have to think too much about it.  This project is mindless, can be done in front of a good movie, and in the end, you're still rewarded for your reasonably hard work.  

Plus, I love the colors and the slightly bohemian look.  It's basically macrame for the absolutely lazy [aka me].  


Yarn in various colors, textures and thicknesses

A 12 in gold ring [such as this one here]


Measure and cut a 44" piece of yarn.  This will be your ruler by which to measure and cut all your longer pieces of yarn.  

Using the ruler yarn, begin cutting the longer pieces of yarn in different colors.  If you want straighter pieces of yarn, pull from the outside of the skein.  If you want crimped pieces, pull from the center of the skein.  I mixed them up a bit for texture.  After you have about 20 cut, begin attaching them the ring.

To attach the yarn to the ring, we're going to use a Larks Head knot which is the simplest macrame knot ever.  In fact, I'm sure you already know how to make this type of knot.  I was surprised to find out it actually had an official name!  Basically, you fold your yarn piece in half.  Then slide the loop at the end of the piece underneath the ring.  Then pull the other end of the piece of yarn through the loop, over the ring.

Continue this method of cutting about 20 pieces or so and then attaching them until you are happy with the pattern and size.  You can also trim the pieces after they've been attached to the ring if you like.  In my case, I decided it wasn't necessary.  

Measure and cut a 15" piece of yarn.  This will be your ruler yarn to measure by for the shorter pieces hanging from the top.

Follow directions above for the shorter pieces of yarn until you are satisfied with the look of your hanging.  

Hang it, photograph it, share it [#craftenthus].  Enjoy your super easy Yarn and Ring Wall Hanging!

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