Vivi's Big Girl Room Update

Vacations are wonderful, but man, it sure is nice to come home refreshed and ready to tackle new projects.  

I committed a huge blogger faux pas by choosing to break from the blog and social media for the duration of the trip.  In hindsight, maybe I should've shared that with y'all, but I have to say, it was GLORIOUS!  

Everyone needs a break.  Especially pregnant bloggers with a crazy ass three year old.  

Speaking of said crazy ass three year old, Vivi is super pumped to get into her "big girl room".  With baby girl Wheeler Number 2 coming in December, we decided to turn the guest room across the hall into a room for Vivi.  The nursery is very small and with it's awkward placement of windows, would have never worked as a shared room.  Plus, I've been dying to redo a room and given that the guest room was never really done in the first place, it made sense.  

So here's where we are thus far.  

Come on in, friends...

The twin bed was a Craigslist find originally from Land of Nod.  It is no longer in production and it's shabby style was far from my original plans, but at that $60 price point, I couldn't resist.  Now that the room is going [we've had the bed in the garage for about 4 months], I actually love the Parisian element the twin bed brings to the room.

The quilt coverlet and sham were purchased online and on sale [woot woot] from West Elm.  It's still on sale so get over there quick!  As you can see, I had just unloaded the coverlet from the box prior to taking this photo.  #RealLifeIncludesWrinkles

The photo above is probably the best show of the wall color.  Ohhhh, that wall color.  I love it, but man, was it a pain.  I agonized over wall paint for what seemed like a month until I finally just bit the bullet and chose one.  Why is choosing a light color even harder than a dark one??  In the end, I went with Behr's Dinner Mint and I'm feeling pretty good about it.  I'd be lying though if I didn't say that sometimes I daydream about tweaking it...

The roman shades are Levolor and were ordered from Home Depot over the July 4th weekend [read: sale!].  The fabric is called Graphite Seclusions and has a textured feel like linen with a more modern and steam-lined look.  

The quality isn't as great as the shades in the nursery [ordered from The Shade Store], but for the price, they'll do.  I'll have to give a report in a few months on how they've held up to the preschooler's torture treatment.  You may notice the large window is missing its shade.  At the time we were waiting on the arrival of extra brackets as our package was short.

The stool, being used a small night stand, is from Serena and Lily.  I seriously let out the biggest sigh of relief when I found these stools [the second slightly taller just arrived yesterday].  

I had this vision in my head of a dip-dyed organic stool that I knew would be perfect and I did not deter until I found it [someday Vivi, you'll appreciate the design aesthetic and determination put into this room...or not]. 

To warm the room, I chose a basket pendant found on All Modern.  I love the way the natural weave pops against the cool walls [see top photo].    

The Painted Desert rug from Lulu and Georgia is the final element of the room [for now].  This rug has made its way through the blogging sphere.  So much so that every time I tried to get online to order it, it was sold out.  Fret not friends - obviously I got it [I know how worried you get].

We have a lot more to go on the room including setting up toy storage, painting a book shelf and dresser [see dresser below], installing a wall sconce near the bed, and hanging art.  Our next big task is to paint the dresser with chalk paint.  I've heard great things about using chalk paint and I'm really looking forward to tackling a new challenge.

More updates on the progress of the room to come!

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