Style Defined: Wilderness Chic

Redwood trees, black bears, and foggy coastal mornings,

Brisk winds and sea salt pound the cliffs that they're scoring,

Foxes with warm coats and cool water springs,

These are a few of my favorite things...

As I push myself into following my design gut and force out the items and looks in my house that do not coincide with said gut [sometimes fearfully - will I regret parting with this?], my house is developing into a compilation of rooms, and areas within, consisting of subtle themes.  Throwing out the rules is a scary venture, but if your home is supposed to be a reflection of yourself, the one thing I am not is a bunch of rules.  

At first, even though I felt these distinct themes calling to me from certain rooms and even certain corners within the rooms, I worried.  But how will that corner connect to that other corner and that room to the one across from it?  If I have 60% wood tones in that area with touches of purple and gold, then shouldn't I have the same or similar balance in the corner opposite?  Shouldn't I fade the emerald green into the room across?  

Eeh uh.

Thats not how design works [at least not for me].  And quite frankly, that was exhausting and not very fun.  

Design should be nothing if not fun.  Right?  Right.  

And I figure that the one critical connection that will bring my house together is me.  I'm sure I probably have some defining looks to my designs even if I can't see them.  I'll just have to rely on these invisible connections for now and forget about percentages and formulas.  

One corner of my living room has been screaming for a small refresh.  

It shouts to me for warm and modern rustic accents; the kind that suggest a subtle organic glam.  Wildlife and forests and...well, just sing the song above and you'll understand.  

Living on the Pacific coast provokes a connection to the beautiful and bountiful ecosystems surrounding; one that I wanted to capture in this area of my house.  

Wilderness chic is warm and cozy, organic and natural and above all, wild.  Wild is the operative term here.  Without it, everything would feel a little too kumbaya for my taste.  I prefer a certain edginess to my designs.

But you don't have to live in the Northern California to bring this cozy look into your home!  

Want to infuse your world with a little Wilderness Chic?  Check out these rad additions to bring some Pacific Northwest flair into your abode.

1. Pining for You Tea Towel 2. Alpine Glacier Side Table 3. Bear Watercolor Art Print 4. Forest Landscape Bookmark 5. Hare Northwood Wall Art 6. Blue Eucalyptus Mug Candle 7. Fowl with Pearls Art Print 8. Diamond & Triangle Duo Terrarium Vase 9. Some Things Take Time Art Print

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