Year of Goals Challenge - March 2015

Good morning world!

I am in an extra special good mood this morning [despite it being 6 am].  I am feeling refreshed and optimistic and motivated.  It's a rare occasion for me to have such positive feelings this early in the morning.  

A couple of reasons why I am feeling so refreshed/optimistic/motivated...

First of all, I spent the weekend with my beautiful and adorable 6-week old nephew Simon.  What brings more optimism and happiness than a newborn baby in your arms?  Some may argue a chimpanzee rocking a kitten wearing a top hat while a baby looks on giggling, but even then, I say it's a tough call.  

We flew to Arkansas on Friday and came home Monday night for a short visit that was no doubt packed with cuddles and baby grunts and photo opps [don't even get me started on the 'Meredith looks super-imposed in every photo' joke].  

It was a fantastic weekend, and I have to say, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Jenna and Julian, are killing it.  They are wonderful parents and are handling the beautiful craziness of caring for a newborn in a remarkable way.  

Secondly, I'm not sick anymore!  I spent all last week down and out with another cold.  Seriously, having a toddler is like wearing a flashing neon sign over your mouth that says Virus Disco, Open All Day and Night and Free.  

And finally, my March goals are live!  It's always exciting to have a new plan for the month and I'm excited to see what these goals will bring.  

Shall we?  We shall.

On time with deadlines - When you have your own business, there is always something you should be doing, or should've done yesterday, or should have done last week.  The work is always there.  Even though I am not a type A person, I've always enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction that comes from having your work done in advance.  Ahead of schedule.  Isn't that just the best??  It is.  But when you have your own business, it is completely unattainable to always be 'ahead of schedule'.  Striving for it was beginning to make me crazy.  I constantly felt like a failure because I could never truly get ahead.  But, why should I have felt like a failure when all my work was actually getting done on time?  

I spend a lot of time in the planning stages of my work.  I have to if I'm going to get it done and take care of a toddler and run a household.  I love my work, so it is more than worth it.  And I've become really great at planning [because I do it so much].  In the planning phase, I was setting a schedule that did actually give me wiggle room for deadline.  Essentially, getting my work done on time according to my schedule was indeed early compared to the actual hard deadline of the job.  So no more fretting.  I'm going to stick to my schedule and be satisfied with getting work done on time.      

Desk styling - Round two.

Four passages - This is basically my attempt to take up writing on a schedule again.  Four passages is not bad.  I can handle that.  I'm going to do some googling for some interesting prompts.   

Real clothes 3 days a week - The mom uniform.  Yoga pants, t-shirt, cardigan, toms.  Maybe sometimes a patagonia fleece instead of a cardigan.  I swear back in the day I used to actually care what I looked like.  I used to enjoy fashion.  While I may not have a lot of time for fashion and trends these days, I do think I can handle getting out of the mom uniform for at least a few days a week.  Jeans?  What a concept.  A plaid button-down?  Gasp!  Boots...???  Have I gone too far?!?  Hell no.  It's time to wear some real clothes.  My daughter wears them, so why shouldn't I? 

What are your goals for the month?  I'd really like to know!  Share with me in the comments!  It's amazing what can happen when you choose to say your goals out loud!

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