Year of Goals Challenge

Building a blogging business from the ground up is....slow.  

I knew it would be.  I had no unrealistic expectations that within my first month I'd have a readership of a million and would be making $5000 a month.  

I might be crazy, but I'm no fool.  So here's a bit of brutal transparency for you...

Money made since starting 7/15 - $0

Email Subscribers since starting 7/15 - 18

These are just two of about a thousand possible stats to "rank" EE by.  I chose to use these because they're simple, yet pretty dramatic.  

Have you ever read a blog and thought, "Omg, what a beautiful, glamorous, well-crafted life she has!"?  Let's just say my intent here is to suck the glamour out of it - keep it real.  Real is attainable.  

Do I want to make money with EE?  Of course.  I believe that we all have a right to work hard and strive to make money, and bonus points if you can make it while doing something you love [and I do loooooove what I do].  

Do I want a strong readership?  Absolutely!  The most integral part of this formula is YOU!  You my friend, are the reason I'm doing this.  

So what's with all the weird #behindthescenes information?  

If I wanted to make easy [though very little] money, I could just slap some "flatten your belly with this one trick" ads up on the homepage.  No offense if this is your route, but for me, it doesn't work.  As I've mentioned before, authenticity is a critical part of this gig.  

If I wanted to boost my stats on readership, I'm sure I could do something unethical like buy a bunch of email addresses or pay someone to up my Instagram feed with fake followers [that's really a thing!].  But that is not what I want.  I believe that with hard work and consistency, those things [real money, authentic readership] will come in time.  

And so, I just need to keep on truckin'.  

But if I want to get to this awesome place called success [I'm not sure it's actually a place but rather a journey], then I have to get my shit together.  Not that it isn't together now, it's just that it needs to be more together.  



You get my point.

When I think of what success looks like in my eyes, I see a lot of qualities, but mainly I see someone who is a goal-setter.  Knows how to set appropriate goals, pushes the limits with goals, stays focused on them.  

I think I'd like to be that person and see what happens.  Let's call it an experiment of sorts.  

Or...dare we say...a challenge??  

Every month until February 2016 I'll write a post listing my goals for the month.  They'll most likely relate to EE, but could also relate to just me becoming the person I want to be.  These goals will be action-oriented and should start with a verb.  I will also write a follow-up post at the end of the month.  Did I reach my goals?  What happened?  And most importantly, what did I learn?  I am currently fine-tuning my list of goals for February.  

Expect to see them on the blog in the next few days!

What are your goals?  Have you had success with them or struggled a bit?  I want to hear your stories!  Share with me below or share with me on Instagram!

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