Year of Goals Challenge - April 2015

I'm a bit late getting my goals out this month, but I'm not going to sweat it too much.  I've had a few goals in mind for a while now, and I basically started following them April 1 despite my not having posted them here.  #SometimesLifeJustGetsInTheWay, amiright?

Nightly tidy-up

When you live with a toddler, your house can go from 0 to 60 in about 2 minutes.  Hurricane force winds and squeals of toddler joy...and then your entire kitchen has been unloaded onto the floor.  It used to drive me insane until I vowed to let go a bit, but then I woke up every morning to house in chaos.  I'm not a clean freak; I do not take solace in cleaning and picking up.  But, I do enjoy a tidy and clean house and I do enjoy not dwelling on the state of the house.  In order to take back the power, I am committing to tidying up nightly [for the most part - maybe a break on Saturday?].  I believe my mornings will be more upbeat when I follow through with this goal.  

Go to bed earlier

I'm not sure when exactly this happened, but I realized the other day that I am EXHAUSTED.  Like chronically exhausted.  I know you moms out there know this feeling well.  Outside of new baby times, I've usually been pretty great at getting a decent amount of sleep.  However, it turns out being a SAHM and running your own creative business really takes it out of you.  Time to make the effort to get into bed earlier.

Send packages and mail

Nothing brings happiness like opening a sweet letter or package from the mail.  Except maybe being the sender of the package.  This is something I always want to do, but never take the time to sit down and actually do it.  Lucky for me, I've got my Happy Mail subscription to get me started.

Sunday Supper family tradition

Sunday Supper is a tradition Drew and I began when Vivi was still a baby.  It originated in both our childhoods when our families [southern as we are] would make and eat a big family supper guessed it - Sundays.  Even though all us kids did to help was whine and maybe set the table, it is one of my fondest memories growing up.  When Vivi was born, I felt like we rarely had the opportunity to go out to eat and there was little time to cook the way I used to enjoy.  We figured Sundays were a great time for in-depth meals and slow-cooking [think brisket, ribs, stews, jambalaya...anything that needs a good simmer] and most importantly, being together and eating as a family.  It's been a while since we've been able to jump back on this routine and I am so ready for it.  Bring it on Sunday Supper!

How are your goals coming along for the month?  Are you working on any projects?  Let me know in the comments below!

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