Year of Goals Challenge - March in Review

It's been a week of radio silence around here folks and for that, I apologize.  

I have my excuses - some are valid, others are not.  Part of my excuse is that we've had three different family visits over the course of 6 weeks.  So fun, but on Monday, when my parents left to head back to Texas, I realized I was exhausted.  

Like, ex-hau-sted.  As in, all I could do was take care of Vivi and beyond that, my decision-making skills were pretty much null and void.  

The past few days have been spent sleeping, resting, and taking it slower around the house [and I mean this in terms of Vivi so of course imagine sleeping, resting and taking it slower with a toddler - and that's how it's been].

The excuse that's not so valid?  Well, I guess I shouldn't say that it's not valid because procrastination based out of fear is not invalid per se, it's just not the way I'd like to live.  

So what have I been  procrastinating?  

This post.  

March was not a good month for reaching goals.  I quickly realized after setting my goals that this month would look nothing like February.  We had more obligations and responsibilities this month that took my energy and attention else where.  

If February was a month where I was briskly and confidently striding through, March was month where I was stuck flailing in quick sand.  

Some of my goals for March felt a little arbitrary as well.  Because of this, I've already got some really great ideas for my April goals coming in a few days.  

But enough procrastination - let's get to the heart of this not-so-great goal month.  

I'm trying really hard not say the words "failure" and "failed".  If I learn from the experience, then it should not be catergorized as a failure, right?  Plus, the use of that word has a terrible outcome on my self-esteem.

Here are my goals from March:

 Recognize being on time with deadlines is ok - Truthfully, I was so concerned with the fact that I had not completed numbers 3 and 4 on the list that I totally forgot about this goal altogether.  It isn't easily measurable, but I'm going to say I think I actually did this one without realizing it.  I have become less focused on trying to get and stay ahead of my work schedule [SPOILER ALERT - as a solopreneur you rarely get ahead and stay ahead.  Just check out the definition on Urban Dictionary here.  No charge for that advice.  You're welcome].

Desk styling - Done!  Keep an eye on the blog this week for the photos!

Write four passages - Here's where things get dirty.  Remember, I've tried this one before to no avail. Someday I'll get there, but today is not that day.

Start wearing real clothes 3 days a week - An attempt to shed the mom uniform of black yoga pants, a t-shirt, a chunky cardigan and toms.  I wanted to do this one right.  This is not a fashion blog [I've always enjoyed fashion and dressing well, but after becoming a mom it has temporarily hit the back burner], but I thought it would be fun to take photos as proof that I got out of the yoga pants.  I'd like to try this one again in the future.  

Well, there it is.  The post I was dreading to write.  

But you know what?  It wasn't even that bad.  I realized I'd completed 50% of my goals and, by writing this, it's rejuvenated me to get back to work.  So pumped about the upcoming posts.  I've got some great ones planned.  

Stay tuned!  

How was your month of March?  Did you complete your goals or did you face a struggle?

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